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Reggie Copeland, Sales Associate

Sandra Barahona

703.868.7700, sbarahona.realtor@gmail.com


Sandra Barahona started her real estate career in 2007 quickly learning the business. Realizing the amazing dream of home ownership Sandra began investing and learning the process of rehabbing properties, flipping real estate, becoming a landlord and then teaching the process to family and friends. Sandra’s friendly demeanor has been beneficial for building her network of repeat clients.

Fluent in Spanish, reliable and experienced which brings a wealth of expertise to guide you through your property journey with a personalized touch.

A dedicated and hardworking mother, Sandra seamlessly balances her commitment to family with a relentless work ethic, ensuring your real estate needs are met with care and diligence.

Passionate about gardening, hosting joyful family gatherings, and savoring beach vacations, Sandra brings a warm touch to both homes and relationships, making your property journey an enriching experience.

With a solid foundation in real estate, this seasoned professional is dedicated to leveraging years of experience and a comprehensive skill set to secure the best possible deal for you. Specializing in Northern Virginia, Sandra possesses in-depth local expertise, ensuring a tailored approach to your real estate needs in this dynamic and sought-after region.

With a great personality and a commitment to your best interests, Sandra ensures a positive and client-focused experience, making your real estate transactions both enjoyable and advantageous.

To embark on a seamless real estate journey, give Sandra a call and let’s get started. 

Your goals are my priority. Reach out at 703.868.7700 or email Sandra at sbarahona.realtor@gmail.com